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Choosing the Best 5-Star Accommodation in Bali

As an island tourist destination in Indonesia, Bali is a sprawling beach area that is home to people from different lifestyles. There is so much to do and see while in Bali. If you are a lover of nature, beach life, and the marine ecosystem, there is so much to enjoy here.  

If you plan to make a trip to this island, choosing the best luxury accommodation is one of Bali’s best ways to experience true living. The best accommodation during your stay here greatly depends on your needs and personal preference. Choosing the best accommodation is also the best way to ensure you enjoy a pleasant and productive trip, as a bad hotel experience can ruin your entire trip.

Here is how to choose from the best 5 star hotels in Bali.

 Your budget                                                      

Whether you are traveling to Bali for business or pleasure, your accommodation budget greatly influences your accommodation choice. Different five-star hotels are available at different rates all over Bali. You need to determine how much you are willing to spend on a hotel stay and how long you plan to stay. Take time to learn factors you can take advantage of to meet your accommodation budget without compromising the quality.

For example, some hotels give discounts and promo codes available to guests staying at the hotel. These discounts can positively contribute to your budget, making it possible for you to stay at the best luxury hotel on a budget.

Enjoy a little spontaneity.

 While booking accommodation for your trip before your travel, take advantage of last-minute cancellations. You can monitor this information by regularly checking hotel websites or showing an interest in staying at a hotel and signing up for the emailing service.

 You can ask the management to let you know when there is a free room available. Most hotels email subscribers whenever there is a cancellation, and these rooms are offered at a discount most times.

Being spontaneous when it comes to accommodation gives you the chance to explore the best hotels in the world.

The reviews 

While the number of stars rating gives an idea of the service to expect at a hotel, it is always good to read reviews from people who have stayed at a hotel. Check for reviews from independent travelers’ sites. This is the best place to look for reliable reviews as opposed to the hotel website.

 Also, check how a hotel addresses different issues and complaints raised on the site. This will give you a clear view of the service to expect from the staff.

Consider taking up a holiday package.

With the uncertainty in the economy, luxury hotels in Bali have come up with better ways to attract clients. Most five star hotels offer package deals for visitors. This can include accommodation and other extra services at a fixed rate. These offers are availed in different categories for different rates to ensure they attract different budgets.

For instance, a luxury hotel in Bali can include a trip around the island and cities around the island in a hired tour van. Discounted meals and drinks from the hotel bar or even exclusive massage sessions can be part of the deal.

Availability of exclusive cab service and parking space 

For people who prefer renting a car while on vacation, the luxury hotel you want to stay in should offer guests exclusive parking. Since most luxury hotels have valet services, find out if this service is charged separately or whether it is part of the hotel deal.

The best hotel should also come with a cab service as this might be more economical than renting a car. A cab service ensures you do not have to deal with insurance issues or car breakdown issues.

Looking for the best accommodation can be an easy task if you know what to look for. This article’s tips make it much easier for any traveler to find the best luxury accommodation in Bali.